Salvatore Adduci Branding through Packaging is a highly specialized studio in packaging design for leading companies and brands for the last 30 years.


I have had the opportunity to collaborate with them, contributing the illustration part of this project for Cervezas Victoria.


Victoria is a beer closely linked to the city of Malaga and its history since 1928. At the end of the 30s the famous advertisement for Victoria Beers was created: a German tourist of the time with his “boater” hat wiping his sweat next to a refreshing glass of beer, which has already become an icon of the city.


This character was the origin to illustrate Victoria's new specialties, with equally iconic characters in Malaga culture:


"Pasos Largos" was the last of the bandits who terrorized the Sierra de Ronda. We have based on photographs of the time to recreate the character, in the shade of a lemon tree. As background: the city of Ronda and its emblematic bridge.


"Marengo" is the traditional name that in the province of Malaga is given to people related to fishing and other trades of the sea.


"Malacatí" refers to the people of Malaga and also to brave and decisive. In this case we have illustrated an intrepid woman climbing the walls of the Los Gaitanes gorge, in the well-known Caminito del Rey.